Hello world!

I am about to start moving my blogs from one home to my new home here.  There will be a few snags along the way and I will veer of course a little now and then.  Just throw me a rope and I’ll get back to where I should be at that time.  I have , actually we have a lot of changes and transitions happening right now. Please be patient and things will get ticking along in no time. 

I am a foodie and a kitchen geek, or as some call me kitchen witch ( I make magick in the food preparations) and others have called me Gotha Stewart, LOL!  This blog is about eating real food that’s good and good for you.  Or as good for you as you can afford.  Lets face it, not everyone makes 20.00 a hour, there are still real people trying to live  on 7.45 a hour.  So bear with our moving and growing pains and soon I will have some great recipes for you to try, love and give me feed back and your renditions of them. 

I sign off with this.  Dear heavenly Father, please look out for and comfort the people in Oklahoma who have lost family members, friends and there homes, churches schools and places of business.  Father God please help the doctors heal the sick and injured and help the men and women trying to find survivors and the ones that did not survive so they can be laid to rest and give their families closer.  Please help to remove their heart break and pain, I pray this in Jesus name. Amen